The Return Of The Divine Masculine And Divine Feminine




 The Return Of The Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine

‘Immerse yourself into „Authentic Expression,, as you explore the elemental  infinity of your spiritual essence through a mysterious, sensational, divine experience.’-       Samantha


Inhale Love and Exhale Fear as you Let Go and Surrender amongst stunning, breathtaking coastal views of the Pacific Ocean.

Join friends and family who welcome your arrival to embark upon a magical adventure of fun, flight and play, as we transform dreams into soaring flames of supreme infinity and soul potential.

What is included in this retreat?056Harries061213

  •  Opening Dinner Ceremony
  •  6 nights and 7 1/2 days accommodation.
  • Daily Asana Practice
  • The Art Of Partnership and Partner Yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Sacred/ Expressive Movement
  • The Sacred Relationship between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine
  • Cosmic Heart Discussion
  • Lunar Healing Arts/Therapeutics/Contact Improvisation
  • Fire Dance and Elemental Sacred Ritual
  • Epic Waterfall Excursion

Who is going to benefit from this retreat?

  • Everyone, all is welcome and will benefit from this retreat, whether you come alone or with a sacred beloved, family member or friend. ( we greet all with love and freedom)
  • Seekers with an open mind, who wish to clean the canvas and explore their inner selves…. a passion to explore from within.
  • You are seeking to develop an empowering relationship with yourself through the divine balancing act of Male and Female energy.
  • You wish to develop your sensuality, inner creative expression and freedom in  finding your inner voice of divine truth.
  • You are curious to explore your hidden artist and creativity through sacred personal space , awakening discovery for your connection to your Soul Divinity.
  • You are seeking to empower the healer within, activating the divine intelligence of your bodies internal compass.
  • You are open to igniting ur sensuality by becoming more in tune with the senses of your body.
  • You are open to developing a relationship with the elemental rays of the Earth by aligning yourself to the earth wisdom as a reflection to yourself.


We honor the importance of honoring and anchoring the relationship with oneself and to become ONE with Oneself as a primary source.

It is here that we evolve and discover the hidden depths of our true ‘divine essence’ and keep this true magic that lies within us all ‘Alive’.

Retreat Information

 Where is the retreat located?


phoca_thumb_l_teacher-training-gallery (15)phoca_thumb_l_teacher-training-gallery (6) 

Bamboo YogaPlay ~ A Sanctuary for Living Artfully.  Located in Dominical, Costa Rica, our oasis lies just two minutes from the beach and warm Pacific Ocean, at the base of rain-forested mountains where the Baru River meets the sea.  We invite you to open up to experience the creative life force which naturally wants to move through us.

The BambooYoga Studio

The exceptional beauty and mission of our venue, Bamboo Yoga Play, is best described by owners Sofiah and Brendan Jaffer-Thom:                                 phoca_thumb_l_teacher-training-gallery (3)

“We offer a sanctuary for the arts. Our unique and exquisite studio offers views of the ocean, river, and jungle. Practice takes place in the gorgeous, open air, netted 1200 square foot studio, with high ceilings and elegant bamboo floors. Natural light and fresh air fill the space, as birds, butterflies and iguanas play outside the netting. A state of the art sound system, a wall of mirrors, a YogaPlay Swing and yoga props, blankets and bolsters compliment the experience. We offer the ultimate indoor-outdoor environment where one can experience nature while exploring one’s own inner landscape.”

Date of Retreat

17th January -23nd January 2014

Full-day Schedule

  • 6.30 – 7.30 Silent Meditation on the Beach
  • 8.00 – 9.30 Daily Asana Practice/Expressive Healing Movement
  • 9.30- 10.30 Breakfast Break ( included in tuition)
  • 10.30 – 12.30 Daily Seminar on the The Art Of The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
  • 12.30 – 2.30 Lunch ( yummy tropical smoothie and vegetarian wraps included in tuition)
  • 2.30- 4.00 The Art of Partnership and Partner Yoga
  • 4.00 – 6.00 Journal Time and Reflection
  • 5.00  – 6.00 Sunset Break
  • 6.30 – 7.30 Delicious Dinner ( not included)
  • 7.30– 9.00 Lunar Healing Arts/ Therapeutics/Contact Improvisation
  • 9.00 – ZZZZ Dreamtime

Included in the Retreat?

  • 6 nights and 7and half days Accommodation
  •  Daily Breakfast and Lunches dinner at BambooYogaPlay (live, organic or whole & healthy menu) Specific dietary requests welcomed.
  • Epic Waterfall Excursion
  • Exotic Fire dance and Earth Elemental Ritual
  •  Transfer Taxi from airport to BambooYogaPlay


Montanas de Agua

Laidback little Montagna de Agua offers a pure Costa Rican experience. What it lacks in frills, it makes up in charm and location – just a two minute stroll from the beach, and five from our host studio. This package includes standard room at Montañas de Agua. The standard rooms are located in newly constructed building set into a garden sanctuary. All of these rooms offer air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot water. They come with a double bed and a single bed.  There is a fantastic organic cafe across the street with great smoothies and coffee.


Plaza Suites

A more luxurious package, includes superior room, queen size bed and single bed, air-conditioning, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, safe box, private terrace with refrigerator, pool access,hot water, fans and telephone.


We offer an intimate eco-lodging experience here at Bamboo YogaPlay, with three rooms in total for rent. Two of these rooms have queen-size beds and air conditioning.  The third room has a single bed with mosquito netting and a fan.  All three rooms are made out of beautifully refurbished cargo containers with secure doors, windows, and ample space for your belongings to be hung or stored.  Includes maid service Monday through Saturday.

We offer a shared outdoor kitchen, fully equipped with refrigerator and everything needed to cook one’s meals.   The rooms also share a beautiful deck and community area as well as a secluded outdoor jungle shower and bathroom.  Room rental includes access to the studio between classes.

We also offer free wifi hi-speed internet.




Our schedule offers plenty of time for excursions (horseback riding, jungle zip line tours, and snorkeling are all local options), surfing, and long walks on the beach. And when you’re ready for some downtime, you can also schedule a deliciously therapeutic massage at Bamboo Yoga Play.

Exclusive offer for Participants

During your time at the retreat a limited amount of private consultations or intuitive healing sessions and or personal training can be booked upon request with Samantha or Monroe.

Half-day and Full-day sessions are available with Samantha and Monroe after the retreat. Pre –booking is essential for more info to book your private session


Samantha Harries, Certified Expressive Yoga Dance Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master, Mystic and Creative Writer 

133Harries061213Welsh born Samantha Harries began her healing journey in her early twenties, fascinated by astronomy and metaphysical studies since her early teens, she decided to leave her home farm in Wales and commit to a higher higher calling in the search of a more meaningful lifestyle that aligned with her visionary dreams in becoming a healer. Amongst her avid travels she began to solidify her spiritual practice by certifying in many healing modalities, including; a Yoga Teacher Training Program at The Prana Yoga College in Thailand, a  Holistic Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, ExpressiveYogaDance Teacher Training in Las Vegas, a Reiki Master Certification in Bermuda. Not to mention her education in Dance, with Time, Lens and New Digital Media at Chester University in the Uk.

Her dedication as a healer is a waking practice that has become an unstoppable, creative life force which has revealed a global life purpose. As she honors her body as a sacred vehicle, where spirit is directly present and channels through her; being guided to many destinations and continents across the globe,  she acts as a light source for the sacred healing movement of humanity. You will find her conscious and inspired evolutionary movement consisting of transformational, spiritual retreats, movement workshops for women and Energy Healing Heart Services. Infusing love and light on all, embracing and honoring the remembrance that we are here to shine from the blueprint of our soul, embody our greatest destiny so that we can guide, love and heal the people of the Earth

Monroe Darrell

Bermudian born Monroe Darrel, Professional Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker and 130Harries061213Spiritual Teacher, commands a profound respect and following as a professional sports enthusiast within the Health and Fitness World. Monroe and I share an intrinsic connection that carries a divine destiny that we are moved beyond words to share, our calling as healers, inspired by change and growth for the love and light and peace of the Earth and Humanity. We are privileged to ignite the remembrance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Sacred Union, to evoke the Protector and Warrior, the Nurturer and the Sacred Feminine. Bridging the Balance of Duality and Sacred Oneness, bringing into Synergy the Union of Source Consciousness. Monroe brings with him real life discoveries with a charismatic wisdom, tearing through flames in the search of his authentic truth, his story is one of real life manifestation, rooting and growing into his higher self, he graces a wonderful ideal of strong, archetypal warrior energy that sets the stage for a new age paradigm of the Divine Masculine. For more info on Monroe,visit his website;


Please note that our prices are based on an ‘all inclusive’ basis dependent on the choice of accommodation you choose alone with all Yoga Classes, Sacred Movement Classes, Guided Meditation, All Spiritual Teachings, Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners and Waterfall Excursion

Early Bird special if booked in Full Price before 15th December 2014 

Reserve Your Space In Advance To Secure Your Place

Montanas Single $ 1557 or  (if booked before 15th December 2013 SAVE $200 DISCOUNT PRICE) $1314

Montanas Shared $1214 ( per person) or before 15 December 2013 DISCOUNT PRICE  $1214

Plaza Suites Single $ 1882 per person or Earlybird DISCOUNT PRICE $1682

Plaza Suites Shared $ 1577 per person or Earlybird DISCOUNT PRICE $1377

BambooYogaPlay  $1452 per person or Earybird DISCOUNT PRICE $1252

Please contact Samantha on for more information for reservations and booking your flights to coordinate


With Dearest Love and Gratitude,

Samantha and Monroe